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Spiritual Development

spiritual01As a faith-based agency, Saint Vincent’s provides numerous and varied opportunities to nurture the spiritual development of the clients we serve. Their religious background, belief system, and religious preferences are highly respected. We provide a comprehensive, relationship-based program designed to benefit clients emotionally, physically, socially, academically and spiritually. Each component is equally important and is addressed in the broad context of holistic development and intervention.

We assess and respond to the needs of those we serve by maintaining a holistic perspective and consider the role of culture and the various social networks within which each child and family functions (e.g. family, school, places of worship, community at large). We assist clients and families to strengthen the positive connections within each of these networks, helping them to build a stronger foundation of support and resilience as they manage the multiple transitions and stressors they are likely to encounter.

Pastoral Care staff provides a focused opportunity for clients to explore age-appropriate spiritual development through conversation, support and prayer at the discretion of the client. The integration of Spiritual Development occurs with other components of care as the holistic development and well-being of each client is explored.

Spiritual Development includes:

  • empathetic listeningspiritual02
  • moral/character development
  • unconditional acceptance
  • self-awareness
  • respecting the dignity of every person
  • reverence for God and all of God’s creatures

Spiritual development and growth is addressed throughout Saint Vincent’s programming in various ways, including:

  • volunteer opportunities
  • teachable moments
  • ecumenical celebrations and holiday celebrations
  • liturgical services and prayer services
  • individual meetings and discussions
  • educational/historical context