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Residential Education Program

residential01Saint Vincent’s Residential Education program is a MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education-approved, twelve-month, staff-supported program providing for the educational needs of middle and high school students with emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities. Students reside in home-like cottages on our campus in Fall River and attend classes within our school program which is also located on our Fall River campus. Classes are small and structured allowing individualized instruction where teachers use creative, hands-on lessons to meet the diverse educational needs of the students, supporting student success in achieving goals as outlined in each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Curriculum is aligned with the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Common Core State Strategies and the Curriculum Frameworks, and all students work to develop the skills necessary to successfully complete the MCAS tests.


Sresidential02tudents over age 14 participate in a wide range of vocational opportunities including the Life Skills program which prepares them for increased independence after placement. This program also gives then the skills necessary to participate effectivly in a community. Our multi-disciplinary team provides assessment and intervention services focused on the specific needs of each student and family within the Residential Education program.

The Residential Education Program includes:

  • therapeutic, age-appropriate residential care
  • 45 Day/90 Day Assessments (FBA, Academic, Speech & Language, and OT)
  • case management
  • healthcare/medical services
  • psychiatric services (including psychopharmacology)
  • clinical services (including individual, family and group therapy
  • educational advocacy
  • alignment with MA curriculum frameworks and MCAS preparation
  • reading specialist
  • occupational therapy and speech and language therapy
  • art and computer technology
  • Life Skills services
  • transitional services
  • recreation