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Stabilization, Assessment and Rapid Reintegration (STARR)

starr01Based on referral by a Department of Children and Families area office, the STARR Program provides campus-based short-term placement services, including emergency shelter and intensive short-term assessment and therapy, for children ages 4 - 12. The immediate focus is on stabilizing the child’s current crisis, then making recommendations for their on-going treatment within the community. Stabilization and permanency in the community are the ultimate goals.

This program builds on the child’s and family’s strengths and develops a flexible array of individualized services to meet their unique circumstances. Saint Vincent’s provides a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and needs of each child and family, creating a strong foundation of understanding upon which to build future treatment decisions. Children most often attend public school while participating in the STARR Program.

STARR includes:

  • therapeutic, age-appropriate, short-term campus-based care
  • 24-hour admissions
  • crisis management
  • diagnostic assessment
  • case management
  • medical and dental services
  • psychiatric services (including psychopharmacology)
  • individual and family therapy
  • educational advocacy
  • recreational activities
  • collaboration with community-based services and supports
  • family-centered programming
  • continued attendance at the child’s identified community school, when indicated