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Quality Management Plan, FY 2016

Saint Vincent’s PQI Report 2016 (Quality Management Plan)

Saint Vincent’s Mission

Saint Vincent’s works with children, youth and families to restore relationships and support family permanence.

Our Mission Statement: Giving Children and Families in Need What They Need Most.

Saint Vincent’s Vision Statement

During the Strategic Planning Process, Saint Vincent’s created a Vision Statement which embodies a shared sense of direction. The Vision Statement is an aspiration and assists in guiding the agency towards a successful future.   The desirability of the Vision Statement is to serve all of the constituents including staff, youth, families, and the community.

Our Vision Statement: Saint Vincent’s provides a diverse array of quality services which ensures every individual is engaged, empowered and ultimately successful in reaching their full potential.

Saint Vincent’s Employees

Average number of staff on payroll in Fiscal Year 2016 was 305

200 Full-time employees
105 Part-time employees

70% of staff is dedicated to direct care of children and youth.

Strategic Planning Process

In the Fall of 2015, CIA consultants interviewed the Executive Director and Senior Leadership to establish areas of strength and potential.  CIA also utilized Saint Vincent’s employee satisfaction survey that employees fill out on a yearly basis.  The feedback was used to design questions that would be address in the Focus Groups.  Focus Groups consisting of 155 staff members were conducted with an emphasis on:  Medication Administration Program (MAP) Training, Internal and External Communication, Staff Development and Training, Recruitment and Retention, and Current Program Structure Models.  The feedback and data from the Focus Groups were brought to the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC).  The SPC was composed of internal leadership, direct care staff, external stakeholders and board members.  Attempts were made to engage state agencies and managed care entities, however, all declined due to a conflict of interest.  The SPC was able to analyze the information and narrow down the four areas of most concern: Staff Development and Training, Internal Communication, Community Outreach and Current Management and Structure.  In order to establish specific goals, the SPC broke down into smaller groups, “Task Forces”.  The Task Forces brought concerns, barriers and eventually well-formed specific goals to the Committee for review and were ultimately approved by the SPC.  In May of 2016, CIA submitted a detailed Final Report to Saint Vincent’s which overviewed the process, goals and final recommendations.  An abbreviated version of the Final Report is on our website and was sent to our stakeholders.  A full report can be obtained by contacting the Director of Quality Management.

Plymouth House (STARR Program) - Early Education and Care Licensing Study

Saint Vincent’s purchased a house on November 1, 2014 in Plymouth, Massachusetts to accommodate the Plymouth/Cape STARR Program which opened on February 17, 2015.   The home is a colonial with three floors, four bedrooms, and two and a half bathrooms set on 2.5 acres of land.  The program was initially granted a Provisional license for co-ed children ages 4-12 years old with a capacity of nine clients.  Within one month of the program opening, the Plymouth STARR Program operated at capacity. 

On February 4, 2016, a licensing site visit was conducted by The Department of Early Education and Care (EEC).  Saint Vincent’s EEC Licensor, Miguel Ortega reviewed client and personal files, inspected the home and interviewed staff and youth.  Mr. Ortega approved the facility and changed the license from “Provisional” to a “Fully Licensed Temporary Shelter Facility”.

Wellness Program

Saint Vincent’s prides itself on ensuring the health and well-being of their youth.  Several years ago, Saint Vincent’s received a grant that aided in forming a Wellness Program which established a Wellness Room with exercise equipment.  Unfortunately the Wellness Room equipment became in need of repair and safety became an issue.  Supervision of the Wellness room became difficult to manage and the Committee discontinued meeting due to turn over in staff.  With the full support of the Executive Director, the Wellness Committee has been re-established at Saint Vincent’s. 

The initial Wellness Committee was comprised of the Health Services Coordinator, the Director of Quality Management, the Director of Systems and Operations and the Clinical Director.  As the Committee has expanded, the Director of Food Services joined the Committee which will eventually include cottage supervisors and residential counselors. 

The Committee focuses on two main areas: Nutrition and Physical Fitness.  The Wellness Committee agreed that professional input was needed to ensure proper nutrition and education.  In May, 2016, we contracted with Jamie Nadeau, RD, LDN.  Jamie is a licensed dietician and she also worked at Saint Vincent’s as a residential counselor a few years ago.  This experience gives Jamie unique perspective and insight and has aided in several successful accomplishments.


  • Revamped breakfast and lunch menu to ensure whole grains are included in all meals
  • Nutrient analysis completed for lunch menu
  • Sodium intake reviewed and action taken to lower the overall intake of sodium
  • Full Staff Training Curriculum, including a manual and handouts for staff and clients
  • Bulletin Board dedicated strictly promoting wellness on campus



The above information is a brief overview of our PQI Report 2016. 

The complete PQI Report can be obtained by contacting

Kristen Dutra, Chief Operating Officer at (508) 679-8511.